Learn how to make the world safe for your company, yourself and your family; ​To remove blockages to success for business, health, relationships and finances.

Supply Chain Security Subject Matter Expert and Trainer


Focused on Prevention, Terry Nusyna was trained by the world’s best covert operatives. CEO of TN Security since 1997, Ms. Nusyna, is a recognized expert in international trade security and employee threat awareness training. Her unique approach has empowered 10’s of thousands of employees to become active company security eyes and ears. She has personally assessed 100’s of locations for CTPAT and PIP to reduce risk in the supply chain.

TN Security
Workplace Violence Prevention

Risk prevention at work, home or traveling

  • CTPAT/PIP Employee and Management Roles in building co-operation and trust.
  • CTPAT Employee training for prevention eyes and ears
  • Risk prevention tools for employees who travel
  • Empower them to look out for themselves and each other and the company’s interests
  • Avoid identity theft, assault, reputation damage, sickness
  • Convert apathy to cooperation, teamwork, loyalty and trust.
  • Reduce stress and fear
  • protect employees and company property and information

Soul Mind Body Medicine​™ Certified Practitioner and Teacher

Sacred Healing Secrets

for business success and any aspect of life including health, relationships and finances.

Concurrently Terry became a certified practitioner and teacher of Soul Mind Body Medicine TM, by its creator Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, MD.,Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, Grand Master of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, Kung Fu, and lineage holder of many ancient disciplines including Yi Bi Zi Calligraphy. She successfully applied the methodologies to her business and chronic health conditions and now assists others to wellness and success.

Sacred Healing Secrets

Wellness and Empowerment

  • Relationship Marketing Soul to Soul
  • Transform blockages to success at the root
  • Attract clients and teams of the best fit
  • Release team relationship barriers
  • Boost energy stamina vitality and immunity
  • Boost intelligence and memory
  • Attract new clients using the Power of Soul
  • Stress and health challenges that come next
  • Apply 4 Power Technique​TM to mend business relationships and work in harmony.
  • Apply simple practices to transform health, relationships, finances, business and any aspect of life.
  • Health, Balance and Happiness
  • NEW!! Success through the Eyes of Women
  • The ROI with Caring Sharing Giving & Forgiving

“Top Down Love”

  • Reduces Risk & Liability
  • Heals Relationships
  • Dissolves Blockages to Success

Effective Security and premium performance is based on caring relationships, top down, side to side. Processes and technology won’t be effective without cooperation and engagement.

Female Security Training